Okay Computer Workshop, 19th February 2011

On Saturday afternoon Manchester Girl Geeks got together with Okay_Computer and Manchester Free Software to run a workshop on Free Software Philosophy and Ubuntu. Of course, we didn’t forget to bring along plenty of tea and cakes for our colleagues and friends, new and old!

Mother and daughter smiling at something off-camera

Anna of Okay_Computer kicked things off with a fantastic presentation on the history of the free software movement and what it means for us all today. What could have been a very dry and boring subject was transformed into a fantastically fun talk, covering the 4 software freedoms, the history of GNU/Linux and why Richard Stallman *really* hates going upstairs (don’t ask).

After a break for tea & cakes and for new users to try their hand at installing Ubuntu on the handily supplied computers, Charlie of the Girl Geeks took everyone on a whistlestop tour of Ubuntu, covering all the basics of what Ubuntu has to offer. Breathlessly showing how to install new software, play movies, organise music and edit documents, she was unfazed by Anna’s temperamental computer and some technical surprises along the way!

After yet more cake, JP of Manchester Free Software took a question and answer session from the audience, showing how to accomplish everyday tasks with Ubuntu and even how to use free software for designing websites!

The only shock of the day came from the audience when it was announced that the computers being used to demonstrate and install UBuntu on were being given away to whoever wanted them. Those who came on public transport were happy at the gifts, but may have acquired a weight-induced bad back by the time they got home!

Everyone had a great time and all three groups may have gained a few new members!

Charlie’s photos of the event can be found here on flickr.