Manchester Girl Geek Dinner #7, 9th March 2011

On Wednesday, 9th March, the Manchester Girl Geeks got together at Manchester’s MadLab for a talk and dinner to celebrate (belatedly) the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. Along with hundreds of other similar groups around the world they sat down for an evening of talks by geek women, passionate about their subjects, to share stories and to make new friends!

The evening started with drinks served by members of the Manchester Girl Geek Team. Talks were introduced by Sam Bail, giving an overview of the Girl Geek Dinner worldwide phenomenon and a glimpse of what has been been done locally with Dinners and the pioneering Girl Geek Afternoon Teas.

She handed over smoothly to Hwa Young Jung, organiser of the MadLab space, who told a rapt audience about the creation of MadLab and how it has grown from a derelict skater shop to a vibrant community space.

Maria McDade from the sponsor of the night’s dinner, IBM, then talked about her experience as a woman in a workplace dominated by men. An amazing and funny story was told, about how she started in mail delivery and ended up working with supercomputers.

Finally, Louise Maddison, with the aid of foam props and a Postman Pat van, gave a wonderful talk on biological systems that left everyone itching to know more about how computing meets the sciences!

Talks over, the Girl Geeks moved out to Croma, a local pizzaria, where the evening concluded with a few hours of good food, good wine and good conversation.

A great time was had by the 40+ people who attended and the evening was a roaring success. The next dinner is highly anticipated!

You can find Liz’s and Charlie’s lovely photos of the dinner on our flickr group!