Event Review: Wikipedia and You! Saturday 12th November 2011

Writing a Wikipedia Article

On Saturday, we dove right in with learning how to add to the collective knowledge that is Wikipedia. There were complete newbies (including myself) to experts who have been contributing and editing Wikipedia articles for years. We tackled the basics from registering for an account, to writing drafts in our sandbox, searching for reliable sources to reference, formatting the information and finally publishing and editing existing articles on Wikipedia. A few of us also forayed into Wikipedia’s sister projects including Wikipedia Commons – a depository for media including images and photographs.

I recently attended an Farm Open Day out at Unicorn Grocery & Moss Brook Grower’s fields in Glazebury. I had taken many photographs of that day, including one of their beautiful and huge savoy cabbages that they had growing at the farm. My fellow Wiki users around me agreed that the image was of good quality and was shot at an angle that showed a complete picture of the cabbage and so then before you know it, the page for the dark green leafy veg was updated to include my photo! It felt good to know that my photographs can be useful to other people and be more than just my personal mementos. So although this day was about the technical aspects of how to use Wikipedia (beyond just the retrieval of information!), we all realized that we all have something to offer and anyone can play a part in contributing to the knowledge of our global community. Special thanks to Rex and Harry for guiding us!

A family affair!