Event Review: Girl Geek Tea Party – Geeky Show &Tell, 27th November 2011

The last Girl Geek Tea Party of the year started off with a bang. We were a full house up on the top floor of the MadLab and the place was buzzing with lively Geeks ready to share and engage at our Geeky Show & Tell.

First up was Jenny Cole (@beartoothpaste), a psychologist who gave a fantastic talk on the science behind stereotypes and how it can reinforce certain qualities of a person simply by being primed and associating oneself with it. This has implications as it this could create psychological barriers for people accessing certain fields and skills (e.g. girls in science!).

Next we have Katie Steckles (@stecks) who brought along math toys that made everyone’s head spin. How did that bangle not just fall off the chain?! What kind of wizardry is behind the stick that insists on spinning anti-clockwise??  And there’s something both beautiful and mind-boggling about the relationships between those non-transitive dice.

Andrew Taylor - Perfect Day to Change Your Life

Andrew Taylor (@Andrew_Taylor) gave us a hilarious presentation on different formulas that mathematicians have come up with to describe many different aspects of life including formulas for:

  • Parking your car correctly
  • A perfect shopping trip
  • Misery
  • The perfect sitcom
  • The perfect horror film
  • Guaranteeing a long lasting relationship
  • Determining the perfect day to change your life

 Alan O’Donohoe (@teknoteacher) shares with us his own experience with teaching kids computing & IT at Our Lady’s High School in Preston. He told us his observations on the hesitations that young girls seem to harbour when it comes to getting into programming. He is on a crusade to change the perception that programming isn’t for girls, and one of the events that Alan is hosting, “Hack to the Future”, provides an opportunity for everyone to get their hands on computing. They are looking for speakers and supporters so if you are interested, please do check them out!

Next up we have Rosarie who had had coordinated a fun workshop where everyone took hama beads to make all sorts of beautiful and geeky creations. Her presentation has inspired the GG to consider incorporating hama beads into their future events!

Last but not least, we have Alex who gave a talk on QR (Quick Response) codes – a 2D grid that you can scan with mobile devices which will prompt your phone to access the content online. While prevalent in countries such as Japan, the rest of the world including the UK have only begun to see the potential in this powerful tool. Everyone in the room jumped in to give examples of neat applications of QR codes that they have come across so far. The possibilities seem endless and we can only look forward to seeing more unique ways that people here will adopt its use.

Manchester Girl Geeks would like to thank the speakers for sharing their knowledge to others, the volunteers for their time, those who have brought tasty treats and everyone for coming together to make this a successful event. We will see you all at a tea party near you in the new year!