Event Review: The Sun in a Whole New Light with Dr. Lucie Green, Sunday 22nd January 2012

Most days in Manchester are grey and rainy, but last week, we had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Lucie Green who brightened up our day with her talk on our planet’s closest star – the sun.

Dr. Lucie’s work is specifically on coronal mass ejections (CME) which are eruptions caused by immense magnetic fields that occur on the sun. She showed us some extraordinary videos of the activity between pairs of sunspots which act as opposite poles of magnetic fields where these CMEs occur. These activities on the sun have an impact on us. Disruptions in our electricity grids, pigeons getting lost and the northern lights are just some of the examples of the effects these CMEs have on our planet.

Dr. Lucie also showed us how technology has changed over time. She used to work at NASA and back then she would have had to go into the office to operate her telescope. Nowadays she can do so from her laptop at home.

What’s most notable about Dr. Lucie is her down to earth approach that made her work in science accessible even to those who don’t specialize in her field of study. Even our youngest participants in the audience could follow along and they were not shy to ask their very intelligent questions. We had a great time with Dr. Lucie and we all learned a lot of amazing new things about the sun!

 This event was covered by NRK, a Norwegian radio station. To listen to the recording, visit  http://www.bevanger.co.uk/?p=459.
Dr. Lucie’s tweets @Dr_Lucie.
Can’t enough of Dr. Lucie’s sun science? Watch her presentation on expansion of the sun via YouTube.