Event Review: Tea Party #22 Coding Intro with Codecademy, February 2012

Last week, Manchester Girl Geeks held their “Intro to Coding Workshop” hosted by Kat Reeve (@BinaryKitten). We dove right in, first with a bit of history and background to where coding came from, then we got hands-on with our laptops and iPads. The level of concentration was intense and you could hear the synapses firing as we set our keyboards ablaze with all the tapping and typing we did with Codecademy.

Codecademy is a new interactive way to learn programming by completing guided exercises online.  It is a great initiative but sometimes it can still be a bit daunting to get started. The Manchester Girl Geeks workshop helped pool people together to provide an encouraging atmosphere to get on it. With an army of volunteers milling about the top floor of MadLab to our 30+ participants, everyone felt confident that they would have help when they needed it. We learned about confirming/denying, variables, numbers and strings, editor and arrays and creating “what if” statements. Fuelled with tea and cake, there were not any challenges we couldn’t overcome!

Check out our storify to hear what others had to say and to see the kind impact we made with our new coding comrades both at and beyond our event!