Event Review: Women in Science Fair at MOSI, March 18th 2012

On Sunday Mar 18th, visitors of MOSI got a rare treat to meet some of the great women scientists of our history. On site were:

  • Delia Derbyshire, a pioneer of early electronic music who also composed the musical score for Dr Who in 1963
  • Grace Hopper, a pioneer of early computer programming languages
  • Marie Curie, a Polish-French scientist who won the Nobel Prize in physics for discovering Radiation and another Nobel Prize in Chemistry for techniques she developed to separate radium metal from its ore
  • Caroline Herschel, an astronomer who discovered several comets, she was the first women to work as a science professional

Other famous women scientist honoured at the event included Florence Nightingale who used her mathematic skills to analyze data from the hospital to discover that the main cause of death was because of poor sanitation. Profiles of other equally fabulous modern day women scientists were featured on posters decorated throughout the gallery.

Everyone had a great time going around the different stations and participating in activities such as designing your own planet, spelling out your name in binary ASCII and making a badge out of it, building robots with the Robogals, and creating your own electronic music!

Thanks to the Museum of Science and Industry for hosting the event and to Nicola Frost from MOSI for the great support!