Event reviews: April, May & June 2012

We’ve been very busy in the past couple of months, and our lovely photographer and blogger Evelyn has left us to go back to Canada, so we’ve not had an event review in quite a while! Well – here’s a quick round up of what we’ve been up to recently 🙂

Hama Time @ MadLab, Manchester

Hama Time arrived on 29th April – an 8bit games, hama beads and QR code themed hands-on workshop, which was organised by Katie. After a short intro to 8bit games and QR codes, we built 8 bit sprites from hama beads, ate lots (lots!!) of cake, and played some old school video games on the Sega Mega Drive, gameboy and SNES (emulator) that Kat and Katie had organised.

Coding intro @ FACT, Liverpool

Next up on 19th May, we were invited to run a coding intro at FACT, an exhibition space and cinema in Liverpool. We had a great time learning Javascript, chatting and eating biscuits – thanks to all the attendees, Gemma from Mercy who invited us over to Liverpool, and the lovely Boo from FACT in Livepool!

theQuiz(); @ Ampersand, Manchester

In June, the fab people from Ampersand (an e-commerce agency in the Northern Quarter) invited us to run a geeky pub quiz in their awesome back garden. The questions were super geeky, with some prompting some wild guessing (“What’s the CSS code for a 5px drop shadow in Firefox?”) The winning team TNG won several e-books, sponsored by Smashing Magazine, the 2nd place, a £20 drinks voucher for Fab Cafe, went to “The Girls” team, and the other teams got MadLab keyrings. Thanks to Rachel from Ampersand for organising, and to Smashing Magazine and Fab Cafe for sponsoring prizes!

Girl Geek Dinner 10 @ Bollywood Masala, sponsored by I-COM

The Girl-Geek-o-Rama continued just a day after theQuiz(); with our 10th Girl Geek Dinner at Bollywood Masala. This being Manchester, a curry-themed dinner had been long overdue! We had a great evening with some lovely food, and a fantastic speaker! Thanks to PHP legend Lorna Mitchell for the great talk on “sustainability” (keep on learning!), and to I-COM for sponsoring the dinner!

Mathematical Origami @ Live from Jodrell Bank

And finally, we went to Jodrell Bank to run a stall with mathematical origami at the “Live from Jodrell Bank” festival. While the weather was pretty bad that weekend, we were lucky enough to get a stall inside the Space Pavilion, which kept us warm and dry throughout the afternoon. With the help of our visitors, we built 11 dodecahedrons with their names on, two giant cubes, and a number of stellated icosahedrons. Big thanks to Teresa Anderson for inviting us to the festival, and to Marissa from Project Robot Events who organised the Science Arena!