Solder, circuits and badges with flashing lights for RECLAIM

We were delighted to host an event at MadLab on Sunday 22nd July 2012, to give girls from Manchester’s RECLAIM project the chance to brush up their electronics skills. Also, we had some rocket badge kits with flashing LEDs to test out on them…

Glam in goggles.
Glam in goggles.

Saturday 21st July

Manchester Girl Geeks got ready to host a soldering and circuiting session for girls from the RECLAIM project by getting a few tips themselves first. The lovely Bob was on hand from HacMan to refresh our memories on the dos and don’ts of using a soldering iron.

Sunday 22nd July

We kicked off with an ice-breaker game (which involved an crazy amount of throwing and catching) before settling down to the serious business of soldering our circuits.

Girls from the RECLAIM group join Manchester Girl Geeks to make their own LED badges.

Girl Geek regulars Sam, Karen, Liz and Lisa were on hand to give the girls tips on how to most effectively apply the solder to the circuit boards. After a short practice with some old boards we blagged off Bob, we moved on to assembling the LED rocket badge kits.

All the girls from RECLAIM produced their own badge, and we were delighted this was all possible as the same kits will be used at Mini Maker Faire at the Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) on 28-29 July.

Amy explains why we need to solder to make circuits work.

Our youngest Girl Geek volunteer, Amy, then shared with the group her slides on why we need to solder in the first place.

Her presentation explained the principles of basic electronics and introduced the use of schematic drawings to represent the different components used.

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