Manchester Girl Geeks at Mini Maker Faire

Maths origami and the Arduino volcano

Manchester Girl Geeks were out in force at Mini Maker Faire event at MOSI on Sunday 29 July. Our stall featured Katie’s maths origami challenges – make a dodecahedron anyone? While Amy exhibited her volcano-themed project – the aptly named Mount Arduino – along with game she’d written using the programming language Scratch.

We’d planned to hold a show & tell of Girl Geek makes, but for logistical reasons this wasn’t possible on the day.

Instead we focussed our energies on getting folding, explaining Platonic solids and demonstrating how Arduino had transformed a homework assignment to label a volcano.

What else was going on?

There were some great stands at the event, including the giant games console built by HacMan (who also live at MadLab). Both Amy and HacMan’s Bob were featured in the Manchester Evening News – you can see the whole piece on the MEN website.

If you’d like to find out more about what went on at the event, visit their fabulous official Manchester Mini Maker Faire website.