Event review: Manchester Girl Geek Tea Party #32 – Board Games @ MadLab, 23rd June 2013

image-150x150Review by @ZoeEBreen

This month’s cheerful Sunday tea-time event (23rd June) came to us courtesy of game theory expert Sara Krenicky. Sara shared with us the mathematics behind games like Rock, Paper, Scissors – rules you can learn to give yourself a good game-playing advantage.

To get everyone in the mood a few choice titles were plucked from MadLab’s extensive library (OK, suitcase) of board and other table-top games, plus games brought along by attendees, including:

Blokus – a game for two to four players with pieces reminiscent of Tetris (they are in fact all “free polyominoes“).

Gobblet – a two-player game in which larger pieces can “gobble” up smaller ones.

Ticket to Ride (Europe edition) – a railway-theme German-style board game.

Other games that proved to be a hit were Rubik’s Race – a 2D take on the classic puzzle, and RoboRally – a board game with cards and robots.

A fabulous afternoon of games and maths was consumed along with typical Girl Geek baking (dinosaur gingerbread anyone?) and of course washed down with lots of tea.


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