Girl Geek Tea Party #41 – Learn to Program in PHP

Sunday 27th April 2014, 2-4pm @ThoughtWorks, Manchester


With the help of, we will walk and talk you through the first steps to writing your own code in a programming language called PHP. This short intro class is aimed at absolute beginners, who have little or no knowledge of programming, as well as people with experience of programming who would like to refresh their coding skills – for example, if you already program in another language but would like to learn a new one! Children who know how to use a computer are more than welcome, too! Feel free to bring your young ones and share a laptop with them.

The great team at ThoughtWorks have kindly lent us their offices for the class which will be around 2 hours, we’ll have an introduction followed by working through the exercises on You can work at your own pace, and after the session ends you can carry on from where you left off at home. We’ll have a team of volunteers from Manchester Girl Geeks on hand to help you if you get stuck, and as always, there will breaks for tea, biscuits and chats with other girl geeks.

Tickets for this event cost £3 per person – we only have a limited number of spaces, so book soon! We will provide tea, coffee, squash and some biscuits and cake (although if you’d like to bake/bring some, please do!)

What To Bring…

  • A wi-fi ready laptop + charger (if you can’t bring your own, please let us know and we can try to sort something out – but it’s easier if it’s your own laptop!)
  • Your favourite biscuits, cupcakes, tea, coffee (we’ll have the basics, but in case you fancy something slightly more interesting…
  • Your friends, sisters, mums, cousins, daughters, colleagues… who might be interested in learning something new!

Why learn to code?
Learning to program means you can understand how the programs you use on your computer work at a fundamental level. It’s also a skill which makes you hugely employable – and the computer industry is always looking for more developers, especially females who are hugely underrepresented. And finally, it’ll be a fun afternoon! You might find it difficult, but nothing worth doing isn’t and our team will be there to support you if you get stuck.


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