GGTP #56: Show and Tell… in a ball pool!

Click here to book tickets: £2

Sunday, 1 November 2015, 2pm-4pm, Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester

Do you have a passion for technology? What gadget could you not live without? What wonder of science do you think the world should know about? Come to the next Manchester Girl Geeks Tea Party and share your knowledge with girls (and guys) who want to know more. We’re having a Girl Geek “Show and Tell” and you’re invited to come along, learn something new and teach us about the things you find fascinating.

Science, Engineering or Technology – wherever your interest lies, you’re welcome to talk for 10-20mins (or less if you’d rather) on a subject of your choice. If you don’t have anything to share then just come along for the technology, a cup of tea and some cake. Feel free to bring some homemade cakes if you want to share the love, too.

Since Manchester Science Festival is hosting us, we’re making use of their exciting ball pool room – we’ll be showing and telling in a ball pool! (Don’t worry if you don’t want to actually get in the ball pool – it’ll be fine to watch and give talks from outside the actual ballpool itself).

Since the ball pool is a designated adults only venue, this event is only for 18+. The venue is wheelchair accessible, and if you have any other access needs, please get in touch.


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