‘Meet The Bloggers’ inspires women writers

We’ve had some great responses to our ‘Meet The Bloggers’ event on Sunday 24th January. Organisers Zoe E Breen and Karen Pudner put together a stellar line up of bloggers from beginners to experienced writers across a range of platforms.

In case you didn’t make it to the event, you can get a snapshot of the great talks and Q&A panel session in our write-up here.

Below is a selection of the feedback we’ve had from speakers and attendees.

Co-organiser Karen was inspired to start her own blog on Medium, writing about unsung electronic music pioneer Else Pade.

Attendee Chrissy wrote on her blog Making it Mindful:

The response from the bloggers warmed my heart. It felt so lovely to hear that I wasn’t the only one to have worried about things such as ‘What will my friends from school say?’ ‘What if people I actually know start saying nasty things about me?’.

So, I have decided to share my blog just in case anyone found it interesting and also because I am trying to do things that scare me a bit more regularly.

You can keep up with the blog on Twitter here: @makingitmindful

After the event, speaker Gill Kiernan wrote on The Curious Quill Blog about her advice:

Basically just go for it, try a free hosting site and if you find you don’t like it then you’ve lost nothing and at least you gave it a go.

I’m so glad that I attended. All the other speakers were brilliant and I learned so much from them.

You can follow Gill on Twitter here: @GillKiernan

Creator of blog Liv’s Locomotion, Olivia Pennelle contacted us after the event to say:

I absolutely loved the event! I was so inspired! I’ve taken on board all of the suggestions and have a limitless pot of ideas to take forward… I’ve grown my Twitter followers to over 450, I’ve contacted magazines and two want to feature my story and I’m attemping to collaborate with other writers.

You can follow Olivia on Twitter here: @Livslocomotion

Attendee Una contacted us to say:

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon – trying to put into practice what I learnt on the day.

From left to right back row: Gill Kiernan, Claire Gowler, Rosie Campbell, Natalie-Claire Luwisha, Claire Sudbury and Sophie, and Zoe Breen (Manchester Girl Geeks) at the front.

Thanks again to all our speakers and attendees, and hope to see you again soon at one of our future events!