Event review: Tea Party #62 : Blogging Workshop

Following on from our successful event back in January, Tea Party #58: Meet the Bloggers, our May event picked up the theme of blogging again, with presentations from bloggers, followed by some practical hands-on sessions to try out some blogging platforms and set up a beginner blog on Medium, get some useful hints & tips on using platforms such as Blogger, and on sourcing copyright-cleared images to use, and even have a go at adding a post to the Girl Geeks site (yes, this very post!)

The presentations covered various blogging platforms, and our presenters shared the things they’d learned from doing their blogs, from images to metrics to managing comments. First up was Olivia from Liv’s Recovery Kitchen who told us all about the site, which she set up using Weebly, a good platform if you want a visual site and the option to have different layouts. The site used different sections and index pages, and also included recipes which present more of a challenge to format. Olivia also spoke about the Blog On conference, where bloggers come together to network, which she found very valuable.

Next up was Katie @stecks, showing us how we add content to the Manchester Girl Geeks site, hosted on WordPress. Katie explained how we use it to advertise our events, using “sticky” posts (which always appear first, good to draw attention to upcoming events!). Natalie @natcliberty followed with a look at her Blogger blog, Engineer with Unique Style, including how she could keep track of stats, and also some useful tips on using images and photos.

Our final speaker Karen @kpudner took us through the blogging platform Medium, a straightforward platform that would make a good entry level blog as it is very simple to add content and images, and also has a “feed” feature to help you follow other blogs on there – similar to Twitter (although with much longer posts, of course!).

After a quick break, we began our interactive sessions, with attendees free to choose a group to join in – either getting practical advice on sourcing free-to-use images, setting up and having a go at blogging using Medium, working on a tutorial on Blogger, sharing tips and having some time to work on their own blogs, and also the chance to contribute to this very post on the “help us write an event review” table, where this post began!

Attendees that visited the table had the following observations on what they’d seen on the other tables…

Writing reviews proved fruitful for one of the bloggers, with lots of freebies sent to her to review for her blog.

There were many different platforms to appeal to different bloggers and different topics – in fact, something for everyone!

As is tradition at Girl Geek Tea Parties, there was a selection of tasty home-baked cakes – Gem @gem_hill‘s ginger cake and Katie’s apple cake were particularly popular – both had completely “disappeared” by the end of the event!

Review collated by Emily @emilylovedhim, with lots of input from the attendees who visited this table. Thank you! I didn’t manage to make a note of names, so if you were one of them, please do put your name in the comments so I can credit you properly.


BarCamp 2016



For our fourth year running, Manchester Girl Geeks will be holding another all-day #bracamp (cheeky hashtag alert), on Saturday 9th July 2016.

Previous BarCamp events run by MGG have attracted over 400 attendees, and this year we’ll be at the AutoTrader Offices, No.1 First Street, for a whole day of chatting, playing, meeting, talking, listening, questioning, coding, doodling and making friends.

A BarCamp is a conference organised without planning any talks ahead of time – so all the talks are given by attendees who sign up on the day (sometimes even halfway through the day!) and topics can be anything – coding, tech, science, making, games, and anything you’re passionate about. It’s like one of our Show & Tell tea parties, but it lasts all day and there’s a choice of talks across three different rooms.

autotraderlogo_tallBarCamp 2016, and the rest of our events this year, are supported by our two lovely sponsors: SSR, and AutoTrader (who are also providing our venue).

We’re still looking for community groups to run stands in our community area, and donations of swag and goodies for our freebie swag bags. If you’re a company, a community organisation, or have swag to send, please take a look at our sponsorship document (PDF).


Visit bracamp2016.eventbrite.com to secure your place.

We’re using a ‘waiting list’ system this year – add yourself to the waiting list by putting in your name and email address, and when we open tickets – on 1st July, around a week before the event – you’ll have 72 hours to confirm your place.

The ticket release process will be as follows:

The actual tickets will be released on 1st July, when the first 100 people on the waitlist will receive a notification to register for your ticket, which you’ll have 72 hours to reply and claim your ticket.

After that, any remaining people on the waitlist will get a chance at tickets, and will also have 72 hours to reply and claim your ticket.

If there are any remaining after that, then these will go on general release to anyone, whether you were on the waitlist or not.

Tickets are free and include lunch, and tickets including t-shirts too will be available for £3 – due to past issues with people registering and not turning up, we always end up with leftover t-shirts so this year we’re not providing them free to everyone, but at a small cost to encourage turning up to collect them. If you change your mind and want a tshirt on the day, Barcamp 2015, 2014 and a small number of 2013 tshirts will be available to buy on the door for £2.

Girl Geek Tea Party #35 – Show and Tell Sunday 29th September 2013, 2-4pm @MadLab

Do you have a passion for technology?

What gadget could you not live without? What wonder of science do you think the world should know about? Come to the next Manchester Girl Geek Tea Party and share your knowledge with girls (and guys) who want to know more.

Girl Geek Tea Party

We’re having another of our famous Girl Geek Show and Tell tea parties, and you’re invited to come along, learn something new and teach us about the things you find fascinating. Science, engineering, technology, maths, or anything geeky – wherever your interest lies, you’re welcome to talk for 10-15 minutes (or less if you’d rather) on a subject of your choice.

If you don’t have anything to share then just come along for the talks, a cup of tea and some cake. Feel free to bring some homemade cakes if you want to share the love, too. There’ll be a relaxed atmosphere where you can share your thoughts and ideas with like minded ladies. If you’re new and just want to learn more, then come to listen and meet some great people.


This event is free, including tea and cakes/biscuits – although donations to our lovely hosts MadLab are very welcome. Get your *free* ticket here.

What To Bring

  • A short talk/presentation (optional) plus laptop/slides if needed (remember it’s only 10-15 minutes!)
  • Your favourite mug
  • Your delicious baked goods, if you’re in a baking mood
  • Your friends, sisters, mums, cousins, daughters, colleagues, etc who might be interested in joining us!

On the day the first 15 minutes will be set aside for tea, biscuits & booking your time slot. There’ll be a list of slots available when you arrive and we’ll allocate them on a first come first serve basis. We look forward to seeing you there!

Manchester Girl Geeks at Mini Maker Faire

Maths origami and the Arduino volcano

Manchester Girl Geeks were out in force at Mini Maker Faire event at MOSI on Sunday 29 July. Our stall featured Katie’s maths origami challenges – make a dodecahedron anyone? While Amy exhibited her volcano-themed project – the aptly named Mount Arduino – along with game she’d written using the programming language Scratch.

We’d planned to hold a show & tell of Girl Geek makes, but for logistical reasons this wasn’t possible on the day.

Instead we focussed our energies on getting folding, explaining Platonic solids and demonstrating how Arduino had transformed a homework assignment to label a volcano.

What else was going on?

There were some great stands at the event, including the giant games console built by HacMan (who also live at MadLab). Both Amy and HacMan’s Bob were featured in the Manchester Evening News – you can see the whole piece on the MEN website.

If you’d like to find out more about what went on at the event, visit their fabulous official Manchester Mini Maker Faire website.

Girl Geek Tea Party #14 – Morse Code Workshop, 29th May 2011

Morse Code Telegraph machine

May’s Tea Party was another fantastic Morse Code Telegraph building workshop, this time held at MOSI (the Museum of Science and Industry).

Sam demonstrating Morse Code

As well as a new and slightly improved telegraph design, this time with pretty coloured card, we also had an introduction from Mr Alfred T Peabody, who described for us (in period costume, of course) what it was like when the new invention of the morse code telegraph hit the world, and how much of a change it made to the way people communicated.

Morse Code Telegraph workshop attendees

Everyone managed to build a working telegraph machine, and some even managed to link up two tappers so that they could transmit messages to each other across the table! It’s not quite the Atlantic, we admit, but we all had lots of fun.

A table of people having fun

This picture was drawn by Effie, aged 5, who attended the workshop. Looks like she had a great time!

Picture drawn by Effie

Thanks very much to Sam and all of the volunteers for their help setting up and running the session. More photos can be found on our Flickr group.

Interested in coming to the next event? Join our Google Groups mailing list, by clicking here, or visit the upcoming event page.