Upcoming event: Girl Geek Dinner – Bonfire Show and Tell

Sunday 5th November, 5 – 8pm, Ziya Grill, Rusholme.

Tickets £9 (including meal) – click here to book.


Do you have a passion for technology? What gadget could you not live without? What wonder of science do you think the world should know about? Come to the next Manchester Girl Geek Dinner and share your knowledge with girls (and guys) who want to know more.

We’re having another of our famous Girl Geek Show and Tell events, and you’re invited to come along, learn something new and teach us about the things you find fascinating. Science, engineering, technology, maths, or anything geeky – wherever your interest lies, you’re welcome to talk for 10-15 minutes (or less if you’d rather) on a subject of your choice. There’ll be a relaxed atmosphere where you can share your thoughts and ideas with like-minded geeks. If you’re new and just want to learn more, then come to listen and meet some great people.

This time, it’s a Bonfire Night special – we’ll be combining our event with dinner (a fiery curry, at Ziya Grill on Manchester’s Curry Mile, with non-spicy options available) and a bonfire afterwards – we’ll be heading over to the Platt Fields Park bonfire and firework display once we’ve finished with dinner.

If you’d like to give a talk, you can indicate this when you book your ticket – although if when you arrive on the day you’ve thought of something to talk about, that’s also fine and we’ll fit in as many talks as we can. We’ll try to arrange a projector for anyone who has slides, but talks without slides are also very welcome!

Tickets are £9 including dinner. For the bonfire/fireworks section of the evening, the park is often a bit dark and can be muddy, so if you want to come over with us after dinner, it might be good to bring a torch and/or wear wellies.


Girl Geek Friendly Events – MCR Geek Mental Help Week 2015

In the interest of staying tuned in to what’s happening in the geek community, we’ll be posting details of upcoming local events that our members will be at, and recommending events for other girl geeks to attend. If you’re thinking of coming, please comment on this page – then we can know who’ll be there, and you can find other friendly faces!

Now in its second year, Geek Mental Help Week is a week-long series of articles, blog posts, conversations, podcasts and events across the web about mental health issues, how to help people who suffer, and those who care for us.

Come to Madlab on 28th October from 7pm for an evening of talks, and mingling. If you wish to give a talk on the evening, please contact the organiser.

Sign up for the event on the Lanyrd page: http://lanyrd.com/2015/geekmentalhelp/

Event review: Manchester Girl Geeks BarCamp, 16th March 2013 @MadLab

Photo: lespounder on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0 UK)

Manchester Girl Geeks had brilliant time hosting our first ever BarCamp (or if you spotted our cheeky hashtag – #bracamp).

More than 60 people took part in our unconference style event where speakers get to pick a time and room for their session when they arrive. They can talk about any topic so long as it’s something they’re passionate about.

Across our upstairs (Balcony) and downstairs (Plunge) rooms, there were 18 talks spanning everything from hacking your job, learning programming, e-textiles, using search marketing, window gardens, big pharma and what you can do with a Raspberry Pi.

More Manchester Girl Geeks BarCamp on the web

Massive thanks to all our sponsors – Thoughtworks, Team Prime, Sharpe Recruitment and TechHub Manchester, and to Manchester City Council for supporting this event as part of International Women’s Day 2013.