Manchester Girl Geeks BarCamp



For our fourth year running, Manchester Girl Geeks will be holding another all-day #bracamp (cheeky hashtag alert), on Saturday 9th July 2016.

Previous BarCamp events run by MGG have attracted over 400 attendees, and this year we’ll be at the AutoTrader Offices, No.1 First Street, for a whole day of chatting, playing, meeting, talking, listening, questioning, coding, doodling and making friends.

A BarCamp is a conference organised without planning any talks ahead of time – so all the talks are given by attendees who sign up on the day (sometimes even halfway through the day!) and topics can be anything – coding, tech, science, making, games, and anything you’re passionate about. It’s like one of our Show & Tell tea parties, but it lasts all day and there’s a choice of talks across three different rooms.

SSR_logo_landscapeautotraderlogo_tallBarCamp 2016, and the rest of our events this year, are supported by our two lovely sponsors: SSR, and AutoTrader (who are also providing our venue).

We’re still looking for community groups to run stands in our community area, and donations of swag and goodies for our freebie swag bags. If you’re a company, a community organisation, or have swag to send, please take a look at our sponsorship document (PDF).


Visit to secure your place.

We’re using a ‘waiting list’ system this year – add yourself to the waiting list by putting in your name and email address, and when we open tickets – on 1st July, around a week before the event – you’ll have 72 hours to confirm your place.

Tickets are free and include lunch, and tickets including t-shirts too will be available for £3 – due to past issues with people registering and not turning up, we always end up with leftover t-shirts so this year we’re not providing them free to everyone, but at a small cost to encourage turning up to collect them. We will be sending out a one-question survey to everyone on the waiting list, a few weeks before, to get a snapshot of how many tshirts we’ll need.

If you change your mind and want a tshirt on the day, Barcamp 2015, 2014 and a small number of 2013 tshirts will be available to buy on the door for £2.

Event Information

The venue, AutoTrader’s offices are at Number One First Street. The address of the building is on Tony Wilson Place, although the entrance isn’t on the main road. If you go to HOME, the theatre/cinema/restaurant complex that’s at the corner of Whitworth Street West, the entrance to the building is directly opposite through a revolving and accessible door.

Once inside, you’ll need to give your name at the desk so we can tick you off our list, then head up to the fifth floor in the lift. Stairs are also available. Once inside you’ll get a lanyard, which will include some BarCamp competitions and puzzles, and you’ll also be given a BarCamp goodie bag, and your tshirt if you’ve bought one.

We’ll have a wall of talks, where you can suggest a talk you’d like to give in one of our rooms/time slots, and there’ll be time at the start of the day, after the opening plenary, to put your talk on the board. Before the opening plenary, we’ll be giving priority to anyone who’s never spoken at a BarCamp before, so if that’s you, come and find us on arrival to put your talk on the board.

During the day, free movement between sessions and talks is allowed and encouraged – speakers won’t be offended if you leave or arrive in the middle, as they know there will be other cool stuff going on you might want to go and see! We’ll also have a sponsor/community area with fun activities to check out if none of the talks take your fancy, and during the breaks.

We’ll have a coffee break in the morning, lunch, and another coffee break in the afternoon (exact timings will be posted here shortly) and talk slots will be 20 minutes each – but you don’t need to talk for the whole 20 minutes, as Q&A usually happens after and can be even better!

The venue is fully wheelchair accessible, and has accessible toilets and a shower (which you probably won’t need to use). There are power sockets in the walls and floor of all the talk rooms, and wifi is available throughout the venue.

We’ll be providing tea, coffee, squash and water all day, as well as a table of cakes from our bake-off, which will be available for general consumption from the first coffee break onwards (once the judges have had chance to make a decision).

Lunch will be hot food, and we’ll have a choice of three different mains served with rice and salad, plus there’ll be fruit. All the food will be vegan (yes, you read that right) – so it’ll all be vegetarian, halal and lactose-free, and at least one gluten-free option and one non-spicy option will be available. If you have more specific dietary requirements there’ll be a field on the ticket registration page where you can specify.

We’ll be adding more details to this page about the event as it progresses, but please email if you have any questions in the meantime, or spot anything here that’s missing.