Upcoming event: Show & Tell

GGTP #61: Show & TellGirl Geek Tea Party

Saturday 30th April, 2-4pm
MadLab, Edge Street M4 1HN

Tickets: FREE – book here

Do you have a passion for technology? What gadget could you not live without? What wonder of science do you think the world should know about? Come to the next Manchester Girl Geek Tea Party and share your knowledge with girls (and guys) who want to know more.

We’re having another of our famous Girl Geek Show and Tell tea parties, and you’re invited to come along, learn something new and teach us about the things you find fascinating. Science, engineering, technology, maths, or anything geeky – wherever your interest lies, you’re welcome to talk for 10-15 minutes (or less if you’d rather) on a subject of your choice.

If you don’t have anything to share then just come along for the talks, a cup of tea and some cake. Feel free to bring some homemade cakes if you want to share the love, too. There’ll be a relaxed atmosphere where you can share your thoughts and ideas with like-minded ladies. If you’re new and just want to learn more, then come to listen and meet some great people.

This event is free, including tea and cakes/biscuits (although you’re welcome to bring your own bakes if you’re feeling inspired!).

For more information, and to book your place, visit http://mancggtp61.eventbrite.co.uk/

Girl Geek Friendly Events – Pledge to Parity Cinema Party!

In the interest of staying tuned in to what’s happening in the geek community, we’ll be posting details of upcoming local events that our members will be at, and recommending events for other girl geeks to attend. If you’re thinking of coming, please comment on this page – then we can know who’ll be there, and you can find other friendly faces! Continue reading “Girl Geek Friendly Events – Pledge to Parity Cinema Party!”

Upcoming Event: International Women’s day walking tour

GGTP #60: Stories of Women in Science

Sunday 6th March, 2-4pm (with tea and cake afterwards)
Manchester City Centre
Tickets £4.50 including refreshments and a booklet to keep
Join Manchester Girl Geeks and guests from the University of Manchester’s Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, for a walking tour of Manchester’s city centre featuring stories of Manchester’s scientific women. For International Women’s Day, learn about the contributions women have made to science in Manchester and around the world, and hear the stories of well-known (and less well-known) science heroes from Manchester.
We’ll include plenty of stops on the tour, and all the locations we visit will be accessible. Join us on a journey around the city centre for the afternoon – and stick around afterwards for a cup of tea and some cake.
For more information, and to book your place, visit ggtp-stories.eventbrite.com.

‘Meet The Bloggers’ inspires women writers

We’ve had some great responses to our ‘Meet The Bloggers’ event on Sunday 24th January. Organisers Zoe E Breen and Karen Pudner put together a stellar line up of bloggers from beginners to experienced writers across a range of platforms.

In case you didn’t make it to the event, you can get a snapshot of the great talks and Q&A panel session in our write-up here.

Below is a selection of the feedback we’ve had from speakers and attendees.

Co-organiser Karen was inspired to start her own blog on Medium, writing about unsung electronic music pioneer Else Pade.

Attendee Chrissy wrote on her blog Making it Mindful:

The response from the bloggers warmed my heart. It felt so lovely to hear that I wasn’t the only one to have worried about things such as ‘What will my friends from school say?’ ‘What if people I actually know start saying nasty things about me?’.

So, I have decided to share my blog just in case anyone found it interesting and also because I am trying to do things that scare me a bit more regularly.

You can keep up with the blog on Twitter here: @makingitmindful

After the event, speaker Gill Kiernan wrote on The Curious Quill Blog about her advice:

Basically just go for it, try a free hosting site and if you find you don’t like it then you’ve lost nothing and at least you gave it a go.

I’m so glad that I attended. All the other speakers were brilliant and I learned so much from them.

You can follow Gill on Twitter here: @GillKiernan

Creator of blog Liv’s Locomotion, Olivia Pennelle contacted us after the event to say:

I absolutely loved the event! I was so inspired! I’ve taken on board all of the suggestions and have a limitless pot of ideas to take forward… I’ve grown my Twitter followers to over 450, I’ve contacted magazines and two want to feature my story and I’m attemping to collaborate with other writers.

You can follow Olivia on Twitter here: @Livslocomotion

Attendee Una contacted us to say:

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon – trying to put into practice what I learnt on the day.

From left to right back row: Gill Kiernan, Claire Gowler, Rosie Campbell, Natalie-Claire Luwisha, Claire Sudbury and Sophie, and Zoe Breen (Manchester Girl Geeks) at the front.

Thanks again to all our speakers and attendees, and hope to see you again soon at one of our future events!

Event review: Meet The Bloggers aka Girl Geeks Tea Party #58

From left to right back row: Gill Kiernan, Claire Gowler, Rosie Campbell, Natalie-Claire Luwisha, Claire Sudbury and Sophie, and Zoe Breen (Manchester Girl Geeks) at the front.
Blogging is a great way to get your voice out there, connect with other writers, and promote your work or views at a very low cost.

We invited a diverse line-up of bloggers to take part in our Meet The Bloggers tea party at MadLab. The downstairs of the venue was packed with aspiring bloggers and those otherwise curious about what it takes to set up and promote your own blog.
On Twitter: @madlabuk

Natalie-Claire blogs under the guise of Engineer with a Unique Style, she is passionate about the role women can play in the world of STEM (that’s science, technology, engineering, maths). Natalie recently graduated with a masters degree in structural engineering at Salford University and generously shared her blogging tips.
On Twitter: @NatCLiberty

Gill talked with enthusiasm about her blog, The Curious Quill (name inspired by Suede lyrics) which recounts her many adventures to sci-fi events big and small. She explained how the blog, along with social media channels, was a great way to connect with others attending conventions.
On Twitter: @GillKiernan

Sophie shared a great presentation which gave the audience a flavour of her blog, Scientific Beauty, where she delves into the science behind commercial skin treatments and cosmetics. She had some great tips for professional-looking photography and social media promotion, impressing us further with her homemade hashtag biscuits.
On Twitter: @sciencebeaut

Claire Gowler explained how one blog entry on her website Kitation, which explored how requests for gender data are often clumsily handled, kicked off her speaking career. Since first writing about the subject in 2014, Claire has been asked to talk about non-binary gender at more than a dozen conferences and events.
On Twitter: @Kitation

Rosie Campbell from BBC Research & Development gave a great evaluation of the main free blogging tools available. She also shared how blogging had led to invitations to speak at conferences and other opportunities to collaborate such as contributing to a magazine article. She urged the audience to have a go at blogging and not feel like impostors.
On Twitter: @RosieCampbell

Clare Sudbery works is a software developer at Manchester-based LateRooms and also blogs as Woman In Tech on Medium. She has written on the web for many years on and off as well as publishing novels. Claire combines blogging for her employer with writing her own stuff on Medium and is in high demand as a conference speaker.
On Twitter: @ClareSudbery

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