Women’s Stories: Links and References

For anyone who attended our International Womens’ Day 2016 walking tour of Manchester, here’s our collection of references, with links where possible.

More information about the women on our tour

Marie Stopes

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Margaret Beckett

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“The engineering apprentice turned Foreign Secretary”, Your Manchester, May 2007, pp28-29.

Women at Bletchley Park/Joan Clarke

Burman, A. (2013) Gendering decryption – decrypting gender: The gender discourse of labour at Bletchley Park 1939-1945. MA Thesis.
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Irene Manton

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Beatrice Shilling

Beatrice Shilling – Engineer and Battle of Britain heroine, Manchester University ‘Discover’ website, 2014
Beatrice Shilling 1909 – 1990: Aeronautical engineer and motorcycle racer, Hampshire Biographies website
Beatrice ‘Tilly’ Shilling: Pioneering engineer, at the STEM Blog
Beatrice Shilling, Thrust Vector blog, 2010
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Kathleen Ollerenshaw

K Ollerenshaw, To Talk of Many Things: An Autobiography (Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2004)
Kathleen Ollerenshaw, on Wikipedia
MacTutor Archive of Biographies: Kathleen Ollerenshaw
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Jean McFarlane

Clark, Lady McFarlane of Llandaff, The Guardian Obituary, 2012
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Papers by Jean McFarlane, on JISC
McFarlane, J. K. (1970) The proper study of the nurse: an account of the first two years of a research project “The study of nursing care”, including a study of the relevant background literature, London: Royal College of Nursing.

Catherine Chisholm

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Mary Lee Berners-Lee

“Oral history: Mary Lee Berners-Lee”, interviewee Janet Abbate, 2001
Janet Abbate, Recoding Gender: Women’s Changing Participation in Computing, MIT Press 2012.

Margaret Murray

Margaret Murray, on Wikipedia
The Two Brothers, at Ancient Egypt and Archaeology Website

Rosalie David

Professor Rosalie David OBE, BA, PhD, FRSA, Manchester University Academic webpage
Under Wraps: Rosalie David in Conversation, Archaeology, 2001

Recommended Reading List – Women in Science

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